Maifest Virtual Exhibit

Since 1881, a colorful scene has unfolded in Brenham each May. This festival, known as Maifest, is a celebration highlighting German heritage, as well as showcasing the youth of the community. Except for several years during World War I and World War II, this event has been held annually since 1881, and includes elaborate coronations and a parade in downtown Brenham.

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Maifest Anniversary List 2020

5th: 2015  Sr Halen Tilley, Gretchen West;  Jr Grant Rogas, Emma McIntyre

10th: 2010  Sr Jacob Lange, Elizabeth Stark;  Jr William Tomachefsky, Addison Thielemann

15th: 2005  Sr Devin Voelter, Brittany Tiaden;  Jr Garrett Altman, Cecilia Newman

20th: 2000  Sr Michael Hopkins, Jr, Jenny Wehmeyer;  Jr William Betts III, Madalyn Guelker

25th: 1995  Sr Kevin Schubert, Kathryn Kenjura;  Jr Derrick Box, Cathleen Cook

30th: 1990  Sr John Schulte, Anne Hamrick;  Jr Corby Alfred, Candice Appel

35th: 1985  Sr Ross Sommers, Lea Ann Boeker;  Jr Jason Williams, Jill Jones

40th: 1980  Sr Kevin O’Malley, Kay Schwartz;  Jr Ted Barnhill, Valeri Dietz

45th: 1975  Sr Richard O’Malley, Karen Boehnke;  Jr Kyle Picone, Dawn Moser

50th: 1970  Sr Paul LaRoche, Christie Barnes;  Jr Michael Hahn, Mark Whitehead,

Kathryn Boehm, Adelia Boehm

55th: 1965  Sr Billy Barnett, Jody Freeman;  Jr Paul Ehlert, Karen Utesch

60th: 1960  Sr Charles Simank, Kathyrine Jones;  Jr William Ehlert Jr, Cassandra Utesch

65th: 1955  Sr William Henze Jr, Marion Byrom;  Jr Bryan Greenwade, Carol Voelkel

70th: 1950  Sr Allan Hohlt, Betty Byrom;  Jr Fred Murchison, Linda Phillips

75th: 1945 No Maifest

80th: 1940  Sr Tom Adams Jr, Nancy Green;  Jr Sims Buckley, Patsy Koon

85th: 1935  Sr Henry Hughes, Mary Seidel;  Jr Thomas Giddings, Ann Hohlt

90th: 1930  Sr Dan Williams Jr, Flora Ann Williams; Clint Anderson, Milly Ann England

95th: 1925  Sr T.A. Low Jr, Mary Sommer

100th: 1920  No Maifest

105th: 1915  Sr Oscar Hoffmann, Gladys Baumgart

110th: 1910  Sr L.E. Rasberry, Lila Rasberry

115th: 1905  Sr Mackadee Barnett crowned by Fred Amsler

120th: 1900  Sr Julia Epstein crowned by Frank Dever

125th: 1895  Sr No Queen

130th: 1890  Sr Ethel Muse

135th: 1985  Sr Ida Basset crowned by William Lusk